Compare the cost of OverNite Male™ to other home sperm collection kits

Cost is a major factor for many people when selecting an at-home sperm freezing kit and there are more options than ever. Some newer, low-cost kits offered by start-up companies seem like a great deal until you do a little research. Before you choose a sperm freezing kit, keep in mind that not all kits are the same – mainly because the storage is not the same. No other at-home kit can match ReproTech’s storage and safety protocols or our disaster-proof Safe Storage facilities.

Even when you review the costs of some of our competitors below who have been in the cryobanking industry for years, our OverNite Male™ Kit stands out as the most economical semen collection and storage option, but it is also the most reliable at-home collection kit. So you can be confident that your hopes are in the right place. Call us at 651-489-0827 or 888-586-3389 or email us today.