To move or not to move?

With the recent Dobbs ruling from the Supreme Court, patients may be asking if they should move their embryos to states that are less likely to pass laws restricting how they can use their embryos. Louisiana is currently the only state where the destruction of embryos is expressly prohibited, and it is unclear if Utah’s trigger laws could be interpreted to restrict ART and embryo discards.

Patients receiving treatment who are cycling or planning to cycle soon will likely not be impacted by trigger laws set to go into effect, as outlined in ASRM’s Potential Implications for Reproductive Medicine report. It makes the most sense for active patients to keep their embryos at their clinic. However, for patients who currently have embryos in storage, and wish to continue storing, ReproTech can offer several advantages.

ReproTech gives patients options

ReproTech is exceptionally positioned with nationwide locations in 5 states. This gives us the flexibility to continue providing all cryostorage and disposition options to patients. Do you have a sizable number of non-cycling embryo accounts being stored onsite? Consider moving those to long-term storage at ReproTech. You and your patients will have the highest level of customer service, the safest storage in the U.S. and priceless peace of mind if laws in your state change in the future.

Should the laws concerning embryos change in one of the states where ReproTech is located, and if any of your patients’ disposition choices are restricted, they will always have the ability to transfer their embryos to one of ReproTech’s other 4 nationwide locations for disposition.

Let us help you move embryos to long-term storage

ReproTech staff is available to assist you with a patient outreach campaign to move existing embryos to our facilities for continued storage. Contact us for template letters to get you started. We’ve also improved the ReproTech account forms process and streamlined our DocuSign forms to be more mobile-friendly! Patients can visit to begin the process.