Why Working Women Are Freezing Their Eggs

In 2012, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine finally lifted the “experimental” tag from egg freezing, since the process had become safe and extremely effective for using harvested eggs for in-vitro fertilization. Now it seems that egg freezing is all the rage with working women across the U.S., but why? Is it because working women are simply focusing on their careers right now? Is egg freezing cheaper than having a baby? Have they not had the time to find the right mate? Is it because of Google, Apple and Facebook? The answer is yes.

Women Freeze Their Eggs To Allow for Career Advancement

For working women, the effort and focus required to advance their career in today’s fast paced business world doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for raising a baby. Many women looking to climb the corporate ladder and break through the glass ceiling, place having a child behind their careers. That’s why so many women are now choosing to freeze their eggs — leaving the option of motherhood available at a later date. And as it turns out, giants of the corporate world such as Apple, Google and Facebook support their female employees’ decision to freeze their eggs and they’re paying for it. These companies and many others are now gladly paying for the perk of having their female employee’s eggs frozen. This benefit helps younger female employees’ who want to further their career in their 20s, but want to avoid the risks that come with delaying childbirth into their 30s and sometimes 40s. Many call it a win-win, since the female employee gets to preserve her desire to start a family, while the employer gets a laser-focused and career driven worker. So yes, we now live in a world where casual Fridays, free beer and free egg freezing are the corporate perks of the day. Obviously we think that’s pretty great.

Freezing Your Eggs Is Cheaper Than Having A Baby

Despite what you may have heard from egg freezing centers in large cities such as New York, Miami and Los Angles, the shipping, freezing and storage of a woman’s eggs can be affordable. This fact especially rings true when you factor in that it costs approximately $30,000 a year to raise a baby in large cities such as Manhattan. Freezing your eggs and storing them with ReproTech — the safest and most cost effective cryostorage company on earth (sorry had to throw that in there) — costs a fraction of that $30,000 price tag. So for many financially responsible women, it makes a lot of sense to store their eggs now and start a family when it won’t break the bank.

Why Wait? So you can find the right mate!

No one wants to settle. No one wants to settle for a job they dislike and no one wants to settle for Mr. Right Now, when Mr Right could be a few years down the road. A significant portion of working women who choose to freeze their eggs do so because their work life has not left a whole lot of time to find the perfect partner. By freezing their eggs, working women have time for focus on their career and time to pursue a healthy and lasting relationship, without the added pressure of that ever-ticking biological clock.

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