ReproTech Medical Advisory Committee Member Dr. Kyle E. Orwig, Ph.D. Awarded ASRM’s 2022 Distinguished Researcher Award

Kyle_Orwig_PhdThe American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) announced its 2022 awards. We are excited to see that a ReproTech’s Medical Advisory Committee member, Kyle Orwig, Ph.D., will be the recipient of the ASRM Distinguished Researcher Award! This award is given for “outstanding contributions to clinical or basic research in reproduction published during the previous ten years.”

Dr. Orwig oversees the UPMC Fertility Preservation Program and the UPMC Magee Center for Reproduction and Transplantation. UPMC’s fertility preservation program freezes testicular and ovarian tissue for children and adults before beginning fertility-threatening treatments, or for transgender individuals, before beginning gender-affirming hormone therapy. One area of concentration for Dr. Orwig’s laboratory is how frozen testicular tissue might be used in the future to restore fertility when experimental techniques emerge from the research pipeline. Especially for pre-pubescent individuals who are not yet producing sperm, freezing their testicular tissue may be the only way to possibly restore their fertility in the future. We celebrate Dr. Orwig’s contributions and dedication to patients who wish to have a biological child someday. ReproTech is honored to partner with UPMC and Dr. Orwig, and we join many in recognizing the ideas he brings to the fertility preservation community.