ReproTech Earns AATB Accreditations

November 27, 2012 – ReproTech, Ltd.’s established three facilities have again been awarded the prestigious accreditation of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), it was announced today by Russell Bierbaum, President.

AATB accreditation follows an intensive nine-month process, and ensures that the processed tissue is of high quality and that tissue banking activities are performed in a professional manner consistent with or exceeding the AATB’s Standards.

Tissue banks also undergo an independent review of their standard operating procedures (SOPs) and an on-site inspection of their facilities and operations. AATB inspectors examine tissue banks for compliance with all aspects of the Association’s standards and policies, including record-keeping, quality control, quality assurance, donor screening, testing and suitability determinations.

The AATB has been accrediting tissue banks since 1986. Today, its Accreditation Program and its Standards for Tissue Banking are the only such private, industry programs available in the United States. AATB accreditation assists tissue banks in determining whether their methods, procedures, personnel knowledge, equipment, and facilities meet established requirements. The minimum requirements for accreditation are based on the AATB Standards and the Accreditation Policies Manual.

“The AATB’s Accreditation procedures are voluntary,” Russell Bierbaum, President, explained. ReproTech, Ltd. renewed its AATB accreditations because this program assists facilities to achieve excellence by promoting a level of expertise that contributes to quality performance.”

AATB-accredited tissue banks are involved in the determination of donor eligibility as well as the retrieval, processing, storage and/or distribution of human cells and tissue for transplantation or research. Obtaining AATB accreditation demonstrates an organization’s commitment to the highest standards and to the highest possible level of service to patients and the transplant community. AATB-accredited organizations are recognized as the leaders in their field and as pivotal voices in the dialogue through which consensus-based, voluntary standards are developed and implemented.

Founded in 1976, the AATB is a scientific and educational, tax-exempt organization. Its mission is to provide transplantable cells and tissues of uniform high quality in quantities sufficient to meet needs. To accomplish this, the AATB publishes standards, accredits facilities, certifies tissue bank personnel, publishes books and guidance documents, and produces educational programs to improve tissue banking.

ReproTech, Ltd (RTL), established in 1990, provides safe and efficient long-term storage and transportation of cryopreserved sperm, oocytes, embryos and ovarian and testicular tissue. In addition to its three accredited facilities is Minnesota, Florida and Nevada, ReproTech opened a fourth facility in Texas in August, 2012, and will be seeking accreditation for that facility in the future.