Reproductive Tissue Storage Facility Offers Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room

Cryostorage facility offers peace of mind to its clients in hurricane-prone areas

May 25, 2012 – ReproTech, Ltd., the leading cryobank specializing in long-term storage of human reproductive tissue (sperm, eggs, embryos, and ovarian and testicular tissue), relocated its Florida cryostorage facility and added an EF-5 Tornado Safe Room in preparation for the upcoming Hurricane Season.

The Safe Room, designed by structural engineers, is manufactured by F-5 Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms. A Category 5 Hurricane Safe Room can sustain winds greater than 155 mile per hour. F-5’s Safe Room is designed and certified to withstand 330 mile per hour winds, and exceeds all of the F.E.M.A. guidelines as an EF-5 Tornado Safe Room. ReproTech is the only storage facility in the country to go through the expense of installing an EF-5 Tornado Safe Room as a Hurricane Shelter for the safe keeping of clients’ specimens.

According to Robert Taylor, President of F-5 Storm Shelters, “This is the first order for a customized shelter for use in this type of operation. We’re flattered to have been selected by ReproTech, Ltd. for such a build and are confident in the design and integrity of the shelter’s ability to protect their clients’ specimens during a storm.”

Hurricane-Proof Embryo and Sperm Storage

ReproTech’s location in South Florida was selected to be close to its clients, but in doing so, does put it the possible path of a hurricane and subsequent flooding. In an attempt to significantly limit the risk, ReproTech installed this Hurricane Shelter. However, that is only part of the solution. Safety from flooding is also a necessity. Therefore the exact location in South Florida was selected due to it being located outside the 500 year flood plain, meaning it has less than a 1/5 of 1% chance of flooding in any given year. While a 100% chance of not flooding would be desired, this is not possible in all of Florida (in fact, not possible in most of the U.S.). The 99.8% certainty of not flooding, both from a typical type of flood and being out of the area impacted by Category 5 Hurricane Storm surges, combined with the F5 storm shelter, provides tremendous peace of mind.

As an industry leader in long term storage, ReproTech continues to aggressively explore systems, procedures and equipment that will assure the continued safety of the specimens its clients have entrusted to them.

About ReproTech, Ltd.

ReproTech, Ltd. was founded in 1990 for the purpose of providing long-term cryostorage services and now operates regional cryostorage facilities in Florida, Minnesota, and Nevada. More information is available by calling 888-953-9669.

About F-5 Shelters & Safe Rooms

F-5 Storm Shelters & Safe Rooms, founded in 1995, located in Baskin, LA, offers underground and above ground shelters, both types with many available options. To contact F-5, call 318-248-2994.

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ReproTech, Ltd., the leading long-term cryostorage facility for reproductive tissues, has been providing its services since 1990 and operates the Fertility Preservation Network, a network that provides Auto Transfer Management services.  Auto Transfer Management eliminates the risks of